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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fur~Baby Thanksgiving Leftovers

We believe in sharing our bounty with out "children."
Well, not really, but we do believe in feeding the fur~babies whatever is left on our plates that they can eat.

Our Abby, the oldest, has a thyroid problem so we try to get as much food into her as possible. She has meds for her thyroid, but she is getting cleverer and cleverer when it comes to scooting out of the way when I get the lotion out.

Abby likes any and all milk products. If we have cereal, I swear, she can here the milk being removed from the fridge and is sitting in the living room waiting to lick up whatever we have left from our cereal bowl.

Now, I have found out that she likes whipped cream . . well DUH, Paula, it's a milk product.

Whenever I have eaten pumpkin pie, I have given myself extra topping for Abby. Tonight, she and her sisters were eating their evening cat treats. So I knew she would be late. Since I was eating the last piece out of the pan, the husband had the plate, I just put extra whipped cream in the pan.

Abby eating whipped cream off of a pillow.
(I took it off my pie for her.)
Abby eating her "personal" whipped cream.
Her sister, Matthew, patiently waiting for hers.
Matthew checking out Abby's leftovers.

Matthew enjoying her whipped cream and Indy is so sad that she has to wait.

Indy "at the plate" batting clean up.


  1. How do dogs do it with the puppy dog eyes whenever food is around? So funny! I can see it in Indy's eyes, too.. Loved your blog post. :)

  2. I emailed you today Paula.. Not sure if it went through or not. :) I have a problem typing people's email addresses right.. lol


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