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Thursday, January 19, 2012


It has finally reached that point!

I think I will soon have to enter a 12 Step Program.

I have succumbed to

This admission is VERY hard to make, but I must
Yeah, right! Like I'm this thin.
 But, I used to wear denim skirts like this
when I was a young teacher.
And, I thought I was fat then?

would you believe,
the person who did this was my niece . . .
L*A*U*R*E*N     E*L*I*Z*A*B*E*T*H ! ! ! !

I thought your relatives
were the people who were to
take care of you and comfort you
in your time of need?

Not hold a carrot in front of your face and say,
"Don't worry, Aunt Paula.
This will be GOOD for you?"

Well, I bit!
Hook, line and sinker

And then, I knew it was time for
the 12-Step-Program
for Pinterest.

Want to know how I knew?
I started rationalizing why I should be doing it.

Best reason?
Everything will be in one place,
with a picture,
instead of just a phrase and name
in my Favorites folder.

Do you buy that one?
Do ya?

I do! ! ! !
ROFLMFAO ! ! ! ! ! ! !

full disclosure.
My niece, Lauren, asked if I had ever heard of it.

"Yes," was my answer.

"But," I said, "I don't understand why one would do it."

She said she was "pinning" things
she had been finding for her soon to  be born niece . . .
who, just happens to be
my great niece Grace.

I knew I had a lot of "favorites"
in my "Favorites" folder.
I also had a lot of "favorites" in my Ravelry "Favorites."
Seldom, would I remember what I had
and where it was located.

Now, I have folders in Pinterest
(called boards)
where I can SEE what the item I have saved
actually looks like.

I think this way
it will be easier
to see what I want to make.

I almost forgot.
I ALWAYS had a rough time
finding the patterns I had designed.
So, I made a "board"
with my own patterns "pinned"
so I can readily find them too.

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