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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's a cocoon?

Denise asked me what a cocoon is. They are bags for babies. I have  heard them called baby bags, sleeping bags and kickers. Here are the ones I have made for other babies and where I am on Grace's.

This is Aiden. His cocoon was the first one I ever made. I knew I wanted hearts but wasn't sure how to make them so they looked right. I think I did a pretty good job for a 1st timer.

He went with his parents and grandparents to Colorado (where his dad was born) and Wyoming when he was about 6 months old (Oct/Nov). When they got home, his mom sent me this picture. She took the bag with her and he slept in it. She  said it was SO PERFECT . . . kept him super warm but could be stuffed into a suitcase/backpack.

Next came a cocoon for Nuriel. Her momma is an Earth mother who knits. I figured this would be perfect for her . . . and I loved the colors and softness of the yarn.

This was made for Avery. Her grandmother "adopted me" into their extended family when Mom died. When we were home, I kept myself busy at Joyce's house (the grandmother . . . I call her house Joyce's Bed and No Breakfast!  LOLOL) working on pink things for Avery. You can tell I made hearts again . . . One of these days I will get them down pat.

This is Stu's, Avery's younger cousin, cocoon. Again, hearts. Each time I start one, when I am at home, I look for the pattern, thinking I've written a pattern out for the hearts, yet, I can never find it.

So, this time, with Miss Elizabeth Grace's cocoon, I have written out the pattern, line by line.

Here is the progress I made on Grace's cocoon. (I think I shall call her Grace because my brother, her grandfather . . . . that sounds SO WEIRD would call me Grace when I did something totally uncoordinated.) For making the hearts the tallest yet, they aren't too bad.

Now, I need to find a way to make short, fat crocheted hearts.


  1. Thank you for explaining! They are adorable! We had something like that for our kids instead of a winter jacket for a newborn. LLBean used to carry them - but no longer - something about cords. The next time someone in my family has a baby - I'll be writing to you!

  2. They're all adorable! I always love seeing patterns for these and really LOVE yours with the hearts!!


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