Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Have ya missed me?

Have ya?

Please say yes 'cause I've missed all of you!

What have I been up to, you ask? (Yes, I can hear you through the techno-highway.)
Indy modeling last years version of the Baby Elf Ski Hat.
Well, I think I have torn out Baby Gaumer's Christmas Baby ELF Ski Hat hat two or three times. The pattern calls for sock yarn and a two stitch increase every other row. First, I was making it every third row and caught it when I couldn't figure out why I wasn't doing just straight sc. So, I tore it out, about half way and restarted. I caught myself doing the three row increase again, so, frog another time. This time I got it correct. I LOVE the way it looks, but using sock yarn takes so damn long forever.

I'm going with a white background
instead of the green seen here.
Then, I decided it was time to work on the Christmas potholders I'm working on. I have too damn many of these only 14 of these to make. But repetition and I are not friends. Two are made out of Sugar and Cream . . . about halfway through the first I went online and ordered red, green, white and variegated I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby, If I am going to be bored out of my mind busy on these, at least I want to use the softest yarn possible.
Then, it was Family Tree time. Click here for the end result. That is until this evening. I discovered that our program did not add the hubby and me so, instead of 508 descendants, there are 510. Then, this evening, I discovered about 29 more . . . LOLOL

I sent messages to all of my relatives on Facebook. Most of them I don't know personally, but they are on the 6th generation of my maternal great grandfather's tree . . and I am the last of the 4th generation. (I think I have mentioned that when I was born, the oldest of the 4th generation was 66 years old.)

A couple were former students. When they did their Family Trees in 8th grade Science I discovered they were related to me. (One girl I told I would keep her but her older brother had to go!  LOLOL) I started with them and looked to see who they were related to with the last name I was looking for. I friended them and almost all friended me back. (The rest probably think I'm a nut case!)

Anyway, I posted the latest update of the tree and then sent messages to everyone to check out their little part of the tree and let me know any anything that is incorrect or I need to add. Well, two have responded so far and that started me on a quest to find out more on my own.

My hometown newspaper has a digital archives. I have spent a TON of time the last several days looking up more on these people . .wedding articles, obituaries, etc.

Then, today, I finally organized all of the family pix and vital records and burnt a copy do I can load it on this computer.

My eyes are killing me from crocheting with sock yarn and reading computer newspaper articles.


  1. I thought there for a minute your winters were so bad Indy needed a hat. Then I read...nevermind! lol Read your other page - omg - that's a lot of digging for that many generations. No wonder your eyes are crossed! Good luck with those other 29 people!

  2. I've missed you! You always make me smile!

    Did you know Mary-Jane had a hat from Santa just like the one Indy is modeling?! I shall have to get a picture of her in it. It's a wonderful hat, thank you!


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