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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ellie Grace's Sweater . . . Day 2

This is just SO MUCH FUN . . . . it's is one of the easiest patterns to follow and it has that cute, baby girl look.

This is what you saw yesterday. It was what I had finished on Saturday evening.

This is how much it grew yesterday. What do you think?

You can't see the pattern that great on the pillow, so let's try some paper behind it, shall we?

Still doesn't show the design well . . . think I'll put a piece of paper between the fabric. Here goes:

Yucky, liked it better in the middle pix best. Anyway, you get the idea. I need to finish the skirt and then do the sleeves.

Oh, look who was sitting up here while I was eating breakfast this morning:
Miss Abby was on the hunt for whatever was on the plate . . . fooled her. I moved the plate, plus, she doesn't care much for raisen bread.

Miss Indy trying to act like she doesn't care what's for breakfast, which I know isn't true . . . she can smell bread being toasted from miles away.

"Gee Mom. I look so cute, why can't I have any raisin bread toast?"

"Because, Indy, raisin's aren't good for puppies."

"So, make me some regular dry, white toast. I won't even beg for you to butter it."

"Fat Chance, Indy. I need to blog."

"Sure you do, Mom. Anything to keep your fat butt on the sofa and leave me to starve!"

"Oh, Indy. Go eat your dog food."

Grumbling, Indy tries to end our conversation with this said under her breathe, "Wish you would eat that dry kibble and see how much YOU would like it."

"What did you say, Miss Indy?"

"Oh, I just said I wish you and I could eat dry white toast together. Love you Mom."


  1. I think this color is awesome..loving it..and your puppies are cute.

  2. I love that dress and the color too. Course you know I'm partial to purple. Poor babies. lol. Leo looks at me and knows he isn't getting any. :o)


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