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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ellie Grace and Supper

Did I tell you I have settled on the name I'm going to call my great niece, who is on her way, scheduled for arrival in June? Her given name is Elizabeth Grace, but, for some reason, the name Ellie Grace just rolls off my tongue. So, who knows what her parents will call her, but I'm set . . LOLOL

Here is the beginnings of a dress.

I had started it in a light lilac, but couldn't find any thread of that color in any store. So I changed to the darker . . named PRUNE. Now, is THAT a gross name for a color? If this were actually the color of a prune, they would be awful pretty.

And, here is supper tonight:

Marzetti's Light Honey Dijon Dressing in the middle and veggies all the way around. Well, they would have been all the way around but I have already finished the mushrooms, and more of each veggie you see.

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