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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hearts from the UK

Somebody in the UK loves me and her name is Marlene. I have no idea how I found Marlene's blog, Poppy Patchwork, but I am glad I did. She does some of the prettiest, and most interesting cross stitch on the web.

One of the themes she does is HEARTS. She has done the neatest hearts and I am SO JEALOUS of her. I have looked for similar heart patterns here in the US with no luck. Well, Marlene decided to honor me by sending me her latest HEART . . . and it is an alphabet heart which makes it perfect for this retired teacher. She told me she was sending it to me, and when a thick, brown mailing envelope arrived in the morning mail, I couldn't tear into it fast enough.

Look at what was inside:

Can you believe everything she sent. Not only the heart she was working on (made into a hanging ornie for me . . . now, to decide where to hang it) but a recipe book (using American measurements, not metric), a book of the heart patterns she makes, a pair of scissors (which I can never have enough of, can you?), a whole passel of mini-hearts (some buttons, some not), 4 larger hearts (1 is a charm and not sure about the other three) and if you look closely, there are two gold buttons shaped like a thimble and scissors.

Aren't these the cutest buttons? I am seriously thinking about putting them on my 100 Blessings Sampler. They would so fit with the pictures I have on there of the blessings I have had in my life.  I MUST get back and finish it . . . can't remember where I stopped, but I am close to 100 . . . maybe I'm in the 80 or 90's.

Isn't it gorgeous . . . heart held by heart ribbon attached with a heart button?

I JUST LOVE IT . . . Thanks Marlene. You were way to kind. You shouldn't have sent so much, but I'm glad you did :0}


  1. What an awesome gift! It's beautiful, Paula. I wish I could do cross stitching still but it makes my eyes go buggy! :(

  2. I am so glad you liked the parcel, I even collect the boxes, they always have the same design, just different sizes, perfect for storage, I have some more pattern hearts of course to e-mail you. xxxx


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