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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Abby, Indy and Daffodils

Three of my favorite things about spring . . . Abby, Indy and daffodils. Now, to be honest, these are three of my favorite things all year through. I just happened to get a great picture of Abby nuzzling Indy a day or two ago. Now, how precious is this?

Abby is, at least, 13. She has never been a "dog" cat. She has liked Tavish, Sadie and Indy, but nothing special. The last year or so, she has taken to nuzzling and actually grooming Indy around her ears. Indy doesn't seem to mind. This picture, however, is the first time we have ever seen Abby snuggle up to Indy and lie down with her.

Yesterday, we had warnings of frost for last night. We  have daffodils out by the sidewalk, in the flower bed by the front porch, in the back yard under the dryer vent and quite the spread of them by the back fence.

The ones by the front walk were the ones I was worried about. They are the most exposed of all and they are the farthest along in their blooming. I almost forgot to go out and cut them but remembered to do it around 8:00 pm last night. I knew where I wanted them to be placed, once I brought them in . . . on my "milk bottle" shelf on the wall of our back stairs.

I so love my small milk bottles.
They remind me of the milk bottles our m ilk came in when I was in kindergarten.

The last three of the milk bottles come from the dairy in Logansport, Indiana, that delivered milk to our house when I was a child. I couldn't believe when I found them on eBay, and the price was very reasonable. The first one is an unlabeled bottle.

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  1. Awww.....how cute. I love when kitties and doggies snuggle together.


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