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Thursday, March 29, 2012

$20.12 meal for Two

The Buffalo / Western New York restaurateurs have, for several years now, had two weeks per year of "special" menus and prices. This happens in the spring and the fall.

Thia year, those who participated, offered a meal for $20. 12. (last year it was $20.11 and the year my brother and sister-in-law were here it was $20.10.

When Lee and Cindy were here, the restaurant offered two meals for $20.10 since their items are not extremely expensive.

Today the husband and I went to Yummy Thai. Here is what they were offering:

Local Restaurant Week

WNY Local Restaurant Week Specials
(Served From 3/26/2012 to 4/1/2012)
Dinner For One $ 20.12
  • One appetizer or One Soup (up to $ 6.99)
  • One Entree (up to $ 12.99)
  • A bottle of Beer or A glass of wine (up to $ 6)

Dinner For Two
Option 1 $ 25.12

  • One Appetizer (up to $ 5.99) to share
    or Two soups (up to $ 3.99/each)
  • Two Entrees (up to $ 9.99)
  • Two soda or Two cups of hot tea

Option 2 $ 30.12

  • One Appetizer (up to $ 5.99) to share
    or Two soups (up to $ 3.99/each)
  • Two Entrees (up to $ 9.99)
  • Two bottle of Beer or Two glasses of Wine (up to $ 5)

Lunch For Two $ 20.12
(Available on Weekdays Only)
  • Two small soups (up to $ 4.99/each)
    or One appetizer to share (up to $ 5.99)
  • Two Lunch Specials (up to $ 8.95/each)

We went for lunch. We had the house soup . . . a chicken broth based soup with scallions and rice . . . hot and filling.

Even though it says "or" appetizer, it was part of the meal, Glad we passed on it. We were full when we left without it . . AND, they took it off our final bill.

My Lunch Special was Chicken Pud Thai. . . Sautéed Thai thin rice noodles with eggs, bean sprout, scallions and crushed peanuts

The husband had the luncheon sized Chicken Street Noodles. . . Sautéed flat wide rice noodles in light homemade sauce with green onion, onion, bok choy, egg and ground peanuts.

Oh, we also had a spring roll with the entree . . . last time we were there this was not included . . . wonder if that is because the dinner meal has more in a serving? Who knows.

I just think this is the neatest way to get people in . . . the cost of the meal is the same as the year . . . and the food is great!


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