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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Belated Homage to Davey Jones

I never liked the Brady Bunch. If nothing else was on any of the 4 TV channels we received then, I would tirn it on . . but would prefer not to.

However, I did see it the time Davey Jones was on it. Silly show with a silly premise, but I loved the song her sang.

So, In honor of Daye's passing, and most of us realizing we are no longer the youngsters we once were, I give you a mature Davey singing "Girl."

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  1. LOVE this one too, Paula! I was just a kid, but he sure won my heart when I heard that song too! I put it on my little mixpod music player on the sidebar!.. But oh my gosh, this makes three musicians who've passed away just in the time I've been making my "journaled" wool-eater afghan. I was very sad to hear this news, just this morning. I've only got two more rounds on it, and I'll be done. I'll probably post it, FINISHED, this coming Wednesday!.. But I'll be showing a dedicated round of color for Davy in that same post.


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