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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ellie Grace Dress . . . Day 3

Well, this isn't really a posting on the sweater. This is a posting on the shoes and hat that go with it . . so I should probably have named these posts Ellie Grace's Ensemble . . . . LOLOL

The shoes look SO MUCH better in person. But, then again, they are so small it is hard to make them "sit" right for a picture.

This is the beginning of the hat. It should resemble a beret / sailor hat. I finished one partial skein and will start on another partial the next time I pick it up. When it is finished, then I'll go back to the dress and finish it. (By the way, do you like my green marking thread?  LOLOL)

The patten comes from an old Annie's Crochet booklet. If you want more info on it, ask and I will see if I can find the exact booklet.


  1. I love the color and your "marker"!!! Those little shoes are way to Cute. awesome work,can't wait to see the whole thing..Have a hooky day..:)

  2. L-O-V-E the "ensemble." Adorable in fact. BTW, I think your background is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Those shoes go beyond adorable!!

  4. Funny...I used that same color as a marker for the current doll I'm working on. :o) Gotta do what ya gotta do right? :o)


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