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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Rabbit / Easter Egg and Project Update

Look what I got in the mail . . .

aren't they just the cutest little pins on this Earth?

I posted the double first so you could get a look at their size.

Here they are individually.

Mr Egg and Miss Bunny . . . you can find others like them here. If you don't find what you need / want, give them a call, They have a lot more items in their shop . . and, the price is affordable when they get mailed to the US. (I ordered 7 or 9 ornaments for Christmas and I think the bill, including shipping, was under $100 . . . which I consider GREAT when the ornaments were the only Christmas presents the people got.)

They are going on the shoulder strap of my knit/felted tote that I use as my purse/shopping bag / project tote. I can't see having them out only in the spring I want to enjoy them all year.

Now, here is an update of the orchid / multi sweater that I am making for Miss Ellie Grace.

Front and back . . . pictures taken yesterday.

I have the sweater finished and the bonnet that goes with it finished. Well, I am finished with the crochet on both. Now, all I need is to add the buttons on the sweater and the ribbon ties on the hat. When I gt those things done I will post the final pictures.


  1. I love your work, so very clever with beautiful colours, what a lucky little girl xx


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