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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ellie Grace's Babette

Another picture heavy post . . . be warned . . .LOLOL

1st, here are the "Welcome" Daffodils:
1st Day of Spring . . . 20 March 2011
2nd Day of Spring . . . 21 March 2012

Love the way it drapes when rumpled.

I can imagine someone wrapped up in it on a cold evening.

I was trying to get this evened out when I heard a voice behind me say, "Did you make that?"

It was my next-door-neighbor coming home from her 1/2 day working at the church. When I stepped back to look at it, it really looked good in the sun . . . too bad the limbs made black shadows on it :0{

Next try was folded on the hood of the car . . . still too much shade so I had to go to the front yard and do some straight on photos.

Now, for the FULL afghan pictures. Be warned . . . the edges looked SO WRINKLED in some pictures. Once I wash it, they will smooth out.

 What I did was wash it after I got the basic afghan done, I washed it and it softened up and smoothed out SO MUCH . . . so, when I finish the last two sides of this round . . . 30 - 32 squares per side, it will get washed again.

Then, two more rounds of these small squares and find a border I want to do, and it will be done . . . MUST be finished by the time we go home in June . . . best get busy crocheting on it, don't ya think?


  1. You're putting two more rounds of small squares on it? Or two sides? I like how the blue pops out. :o)

    1. I am half way around the 1st round . . . by the end of tonight I should have round one 3/4 done.

      I want three full rounds of small squares . . .sort of like a picture fram around the blanket. I needed to make the blanket long enough to srap around your feet and pull up to your armpits . . . that's the way I like my afghans :0}

  2. Hi Paula,

    It's beautiful, I love the bright colours. Hope you are well. I posted a picture of a welsh dresser on my blog for you to view when you have a few minutes. Keep well
    Jayne x


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