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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Day of Spring . . . 20 March 2012

I can't wait until the smells start coming from the hyacinths.

"Croci" showing through the daffodils.

Daffodils and hyacinths . . what more could be asked of SPRING?

Could these be roses starting to "spring" forth?

More daffodils . . . can you guess my favorite Spring flower?

Grecian Windflowers . . . beautiful blue in the Spring garden.

Largest hyacinth of all.

Three pretty maids in a row . . . well, not a row, but they are pretty maids.

Now is the time to clean out the winter "ruffage."

Since 2006, a bird has lived in thise eves of our neighbor's house.
They are always singers . . . wish they were prettier . . . they deserve it.

Back yard, under the drier vent.
Usually the 1st blooms of the daffodil variety.
This year, the front matched them for blooming.

Welcome to my front walkway.

My "bestie," Joyce, at home made this as our housewarming gift.
It truly welcomes people to our abode.

1ST Day of SPRING and the flowers are beautiful!

See You Later, Gator.


  1. Happy Spring Paula! Beautiful posies.

  2. Love your gardens! I have bulbs with greenery but no flowers yet. :o(


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