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Friday, March 16, 2012


This is Matthew. She has been a part of our Fur~Family for, hum, let's see, 10 years now, I think.  Her mother adopted the husband and I . . . she would set on a limb in the fir tree in our back yard and when we came home, all we had to say was, "Hi Kitty Girl" and she would come down off her limb (she reminded me of the cat on the limb in Alice in Wonderland) and visit us. She was feral, so she wouldn't let us touch her, but she wanted to be with us.

When we figured out she had had babies, I followed her, found them, brought them home in a clothes basket, then went back when she went back, found there were a couple more, reached in, got scratched like crazy, put these two in the basket and she followed me home. I put the basket inside on the back porch, she came in and never left.

Sad to say, she had to be put down. She had gotten sick, I took her to the vet, he told me what she had, but said he had to  put her in a a box and gas her to get her to a place where he could test her. Anyway, he said we could treat her, but being feral, I could never get the meds into her. So, we lost her, but we still have three of her babies, of which Matthew is one.

We also have Marcus, Matthew's tuxedo cat sister, and Nosy the calico sister. Chloe, now Cali, the long haired calico sister is living with my cousin, Cali, who was renamed but I can not remember her name, went to live with the girl who groomed our Tavish and Smidge, the only  male who was white with a "smidge" of black on his chin, like his mom's spit on her finger and tried to wipe something off his chin.

Anyway, back to Matthew, she LOVES to be as close to me as she can get. This is how she lies when she is up on the sofa next to me . . . right under my left boob and beneath my left arm . . . makes typing rough, but, look at those eyes? How can I not let her lay there and get  her love?

Oh, I forgot. When our Tavish died and we brought her home from Indianapolis with us, Matthew lay on the bed, next to her body in her blankie and every once in a while would nudge her. They were such buddies and she wanted her to wake up and play. Matthew mourned our loss with us.

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  1. My Shiner is like that. She was a stray that roamed the pool of the apartment down in Texas. She was thin and hunted toads EWWWW! I just had to take her home. The vet said she was fixed and declawed and about 2 years old. She is now 13 and my buddy. She makes it hard to crochet or type sometimes but she is always near me. The cat we had when we got her died 1 month before his 21st birthday. Hope Shiner lives that long :)


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