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Friday, March 16, 2012

Leave It / Take It Day 2

I have ALWAYS given my canine babies a Milk Bones when they come inside from their "yard duty."

Idy is like Paka, Tavish and Sadie . . . she gets THRILLED when she gets her Milk Bone . . like it is her version of a T-bone steak. DO you remember the cartoon dog who was always begging for treats and when he got one he would float up into the air? That's Indy . . . in Milk Bone heaven.

But, enough writing . . watch her today. This is one command she has remembered since she went to "school" at 10 weeks old.


  1. Whole new idea for 'take it or leave it' lol love your pup!

  2. She's a cutie. Mine would grab the "doggie cookies" and run lol!

  3. "It's so hard to wait for it, Momma!"... :P My Jetta used to get SOOO excited when I would say "Do you want a cookie?" (Milk Bone) But recently she has been acting like she is too good for Milk Bones. :( (I bought some Chicken Wagon Train treats for her recently. I think she likes those better.)


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