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Monday, April 16, 2012


"Paula," says the husband. "Have you seen the tree this morning."

"Sure," I responded. "The blooms look great."

"No," comes his reply. "It is full of those little black butterflies you saw yesterday."

Then, all of a sudden I hear, "Those aren't black butterflies, they are baby Monarchs! One is on the back door screen."

I grabbed the camera and what you are about to see is what we saw.

Little fella on the screen.

Resting on the siding.
Resting on the downspout.
Ready for take off.
Two more taking a rest.
So Beautiful.

I so hope this video shows the swarming of the butterflies around our flowering plum tree . . at least that is what the husband says it is.  To me, the fruit look like cherries . . LOLOL

(Edit . . just checked the video out . . . I couldn't see one butterfly flying . . . makes me sound like a fruitcake talking behind a camera with nothing but a tree showing.)

Now, does anyone know if these are actually Monarch or some other type of Butterfly or Moth?

(Edit: 5:39PM, 16 April 2012. A Local TV station just did a feature on these butterflies. They said they had a lot of questions coming in asking what was going on so they checked and found out they are RED ADMIRALS . . . normally don't come this far north but, with the winds and the weather we have had the past week or so . . . basically, it carried them here and they are stopping over to fuel up for the rest of their journey . . . Mystery Solved.)

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