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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edging #2

Here is another edging I just "whipped" up.

Well, once I got the buttonhole stitch in
I whipped it up.
I think the bittonhole stitch took longer
than the 5 rows of crochet  it anchors.
The pattern is free.
You can


  1. So I thought I was crazy for having three blogs...then in looking you over with a magnifying glass I see why YOU are so buy ALL the time! Girl, you must NEVER sleep!

    Love the edging. I see you are playing with thread now, too! It's wonderful, yes?????

    1. LOLOL @ a lot of blogs. . .
      1 for daily stuff
      1 for patterns
      1 for an unfinished 100 Blessings X-stitch Sampler
      1 for my soon to be born great niece . . that will switch over to her mother when she is born

      All the rest are for Family Tree's . .

      So, basically any [patterns that appear here get copied and pasted onto the Pattern Blog.

      100 Blessings is on furlough.

      ELizabeth grace only has me until June.

      Family Tree Blogs get updated whenever I have a need to see how many more people I have added to a part of my family.

  2. That looks nice, Paula. I like those colors together.


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