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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Button Hole Sitch Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to put an edging on something that isn't ready to "accept" an edging?
Like this blank edged receiving blanket?

You can make it look like this . . .
well, you may not be able to magically change
polka dots to window pane check,
but you get the my drift.

Well, I have the tutorial for you . .
and it's * * *  F * R * E * E * * * ! ! ! ! !

from the goodness of my heart . .
perhaps Easter got the best of me
and I needed to be a Good Samaritan today?
If you want the tutorial . . each step has a picture . . . and perhaps more pictures and steps than needed. I just wanted to be as precise as possible. From a personal note, I always seem to forget how to start this stitch, myself, so I tried to be as thorough as possible.

download now
and this tutorial is all yours.

Just do me a favor . .
let me know of any mistakes I may have made.


  1. Please check your link - Error 404, not found.

  2. Thanks for the info Martha. I am sure I have it fixed now. At least, it worked for me. Leave me a message to let me know if it works for you now "-}



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