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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Table

If you haven't been able to tell from some of my pictures . . . I am not a housekeeper. Heavens, I am not even a house picker-upper. This is what Dad was always worried about.

My bedroom was a continual mess as I was growing up. Mom would tell Dad when he complained, "Just close the door. It's upstairs and no one sees it."

When we came home from school we always put our school work on the dining room table . . it was only used for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and any meals where there were more than the 5 of us (Mom, Dad, Lee, I and Grandma) who were going to be eating together.

IN all of my homes, I have kept them picked up . . not spotless, mind you. I have two friends who are the spotless ones. Whenever they came to my house I always cringed.

Now that we live here, and never have anyone stopping by the house, it has gone to hell in a hand basket. I am embarrassed of it. Indy and cat hairs look like tumble weeds as they lie on the floor. When I get totally tired of it, I will dust mop. And, I swear, within a day or two it is just as bad as when I swept it.

But, It is Easter tomorrow . . so, time to get the dining room table ready for pork roast, roasted veggies and the just put into the oven Sugar Cream Pie.

The husband had never heard of a Sugar Cream pie until he came to Indiana. He said his mother had heard of them and had made them when he was younger, but it is not something you see on the menus here. Well, he found a recipe online yesterday and "we" made it today. "So, husband," I ask, "who held your hand when I wasn't around?" LOLOL He was single 8 more years than I was when we met, yet he wants me to be there for everything . . . an attitude gets put on display when I don't want to go to the grocery with him. As a natter of fact . . it is a pouty little kid attitude. Pisses me off because I am so used to doing what I want, even after 8 years of marriage.

So enjoy these pictures . . they show a doily that Miss Cat, from Life ByHook, made for me in a swap in our Itsy Bitsy Swap group on Ravelry.

This is how it will look for Easter dinner.
Isn't it beautiful?
I am so blessed that Cat took the time to make this beauty for me.
This is how it will look before we eat and after we clean the table off.
The wreath is for another  project I am working on
but, it will keep the cats from dragging the doily off the table.


  1. That is THE most gorgeous thing I have seen for a long time! Cat has excelled herself, I wish I could crochet like that.

    Tell us more of the Sugar Cream Pie?! I can feel it going straight onto my hips!

    1. I shall post a pix of the pie, and the recipe tomorrow.

      We had more than would fit in a pie crust so we baked a custard cup full of filling . . . from now on I might eat my Sugar Cream Pie that way . . forget about the crust . . LOLOL

  2. Very nice Paula and I'm afraid I'm right there with you as far as the housework goes. I grew up in an immaculate house and we were expected to keep it that way so I don't know what's the matter with me.:(

  3. Oh my goodness, that Sugar Cream Pie sounds good!.. Have a blessed and very Happy Easter Paula!! Enjoy! ((hugs)) ~tina


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