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Monday, April 9, 2012

Help Ashton

Ashton is the son of a former student . . and he was born when his momma and dad lived across the street from us. He is a 7 year old with muscular dystrophy. His older brother died from this same illness at a very young age.
Austen's 1st Birthday picture.
He was such a cutie and stuggled so hard to make it through his life.
His mom, Samantha, is in the running for a handicap acessible van and needs votes to help her out. This is the link: ASHTON SCOTT. . . use the Dealer Code 965 to get Ashton an extra 4 votes.

Then, pay it forward and post it on your blog . . . Sam, Danny and Ashton so deserve a break and this van could help them out SO MUCH ! ! ! ! ! (I will be checking my blog roll to see which ones of you have reposted >)

This is what Sam posted today on her Facebook page: Ok everyone someone called the free beer and hotwings show on the radio and got there votes up.to 10,000 who's got ties with a radio station or newspaper so that we can get us some public notice:)

Here is the whole article. A friend of Samantha's, who is also a former student, entered she and Ashton. They need all the help they can get.

Seeing this contest made me think of my best friend, Samantha Biddle and her son Ashton Scott. Ashton is 7 years old and has muscular dystrophy. He is in a wheelchair. He is such an amazing kid with a huge heart. He strives for independence and loves to be on the go. Right now Samantha has a mini van that has the middle section of seats taken out. To take Ashton anywhere they have to pick him up out of the chair and carry him into the back of the van. Ashton is 7 years old and is 4 foot 3 inches tall and weighs 65 pounds so this is not an easy task. Then once he is in and secured they use a portable ramp and put the chair in where the seats are removed. He has a lot of equipment on the back of his chair that needs to be easily accessible at all times, he has a ventilator, oxygen, and his suction equipment. It is a big job to get him in and out of the van to go anywhere; doctors appointments, shopping or just out to eat. One of Ashton’s favorite things to do is go to Wal-Mart but it takes so much just to get him there and home he doesn’t get to go as often as he would like. Ashton’s mom, Samantha, is in her senior year of nursing school and works part time as a certified nursing assistant and Ashton’s dad, Danny, works full time at a factory. Money is tight and they cannot afford a handicap accessible van. As Ashton grows this method of transportation is not going to work for much longer. Winning this van would mean the world to all of them, especially Ashton. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than this family.

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