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Monday, April 9, 2012


I have shown you pictures of our Matthew.
She has always been a big girl.
When she and her two sisters went in to be spayed,
the doctor did a double check on her to make sure
she wasn't in to be neutered.

She and Indy are the best of friends.
If they were outside animals,
they would be the cat and dog
that are always seen together.

Both are,
what I call,
"love dumplings."
Both like to be as close to
the husband and I
as "humanly" possible.
Indy's favorite sleeping position
is curled up in bend of my knees.
Now she is a WHOLE LOT OF DOG
to curl up in there,
but, somehow, she does it.

well, as soon as I turn on my right side
she shows up walking up
from the foot of the bed,
between the husband and I
and lying right next to me.
When I put my arm around her
and pull her closer
her purr starts.
If I don't do that,
she nips me to tell me it's time.

I have posted how she likes to be
as close as possible to me
when I am on the computer.

Well, this is her on Saturday night.
Just as close as possible and on her back
just lying there as I scratch her belly.
She must have laid there for
a half hour or more.

Doesn't she have a pretty face?
Her eyes can look so deeply into my soul.
I know she knows my life as well as I do.


  1. Awwww, she's very pretty! I know about that close thing. All three of my dogs have been like that, they have to be touching and just as close as they can get to you.

  2. I love cats! It was a hard decision for me to make when we got Sparky because honestly I wanted a cat. But unless we got a hairless one, I'm afraid it would have blown poor hubby's allergies to the moon. She is beautiful! Scratch her belly for Aunty Bev, oka?

  3. Awww.. She's beautiful Paula! I have a black and white cat too.. My boy Tuffy! He's so good natured too!.. As for the yo-yo bunny you asked about? Here is the link...


    I made a yo-yo leprechaun too, but lost him in the big bad move. I hope I can eventually make another one sometime.. He was so darn cute! Have a good night! ~tina

  4. She looks just like our Purdy, I love black and white cats, we have had three so far.


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