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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Been Wonderin'

Haz ya been a wonderin' where I'z a been?

I'z a been  making stuffs . . . lolol

One I can't show until the recipient receives it. I think it is a keeper pattern . . the husband actually told me it looked like what it was,  Then he picked it up and played with it . . now THAT was a hoot!

Then, I decided I wanted to make another baby summer jumper. There are so few patterns for jumpers . . or sundresses made of thread for babies. I just think yarn looks so heavy for a summer dress, but thread looks cool.

Now,  yesterday, I was sitting here, with the computer on my lap . . ie laptop . . lolol . . . well, really, it sits on a wooden serving tray that my parents received in 1946 as a wedding present. Then, I put a large sofa pillow on my lap and the tray rests mostly on the pillow with the edge on my yarn/craft bin next to me. Yes, it is a big bin / carrier. I bought it at Joanne's on sale and I absolutely LOVE it. When it is closed, which it rarely is, I can use it as an end table.

But, I (here comes my favorite word) digress. I was going between the new sundress / jumper pattern and the computer and when I went back to the crocheting, I couldn't find my hook. I swear, I looked everywhere they normally slide to . . no hook. Bummer, it is my only steel 0 hook have a strange feeling that somehow, silently, it slid off the edge of the sofa and ended up on the floor and I HATE to move the sofa and clean up everything that hides back there to see if the hook is there :0{

I think this is the crochet gods way of telling me it is time to get back to my Babette and get it finished. So, I guess today will be "Babette" day in the Tooke household.

Have a great Sunday. I will be sitting on the swing making 2 round grannies.


  1. My couch swallows hooks too. I don't know how many hooks of each size I have. I even have an S hook. Hmm, sitting on the swing crocheting. I have a swing, I have a couple projects in the works so it sounds like a plan--thanks for the idea!

  2. I hate when that happens. You KNOW it was just right there, and then it's gone.


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