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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Leah Jane

Leah Jane is my Mom. Notice, I use the word IS, not the past tense WAS. She isn't here anymore, but, no matter what, she is MOM, no matter if she is with me on Earth, or with Him in heaven.

Anyway, Mother's Day, and Father's Day, always brings back memories of a specific part of our wedding in 2003.

My parents were both deceased as was the husband's father. While listening to the radio, in the car, one day, I heard a song and knew what I was going to do with it. This is the song.

I asked my BFF's brother if he would sing the song for us, he has one of the best voices AND he knew Mom so it made it even sweeter. (His wife's soprano voice sang The Lord's Prayer for us.)

While he sang, the husband and I gave red carnations to my brother and his kids in memory of Mom and Dad, to Doris, Mom's BFF, in memory of Mom, to our neighbor in memory of her husband and oldest son, to the husband's mom, sister and two brothers in memory of his dad, to Aunt Ruth, Marilyn and Debbie in honor of Uncle Norman, to one maid of honor, in memory of her parents and two brothers, to the other maid of honor, and her siblings, their carnations were in memory of their mom who had, basically, adopted me when Mom died.

I caught sight of the husband giving Jo, one of the siblings, her carnation and she was crying. I was so happy to see this because that was what I wanted . . . I wanted the people receiving the flowers to feel the presence of these people at our wedding, just like the husband and I did.

When the guests registered, each one was given a candle with a paper doily tied onto it. Before we handed out the carnations, the husband and I and took the candles on the alter and lit the candles of my two nephews and one niece. She walked up the middle aisle and the boys walked up the outside aisles, lighting the candle of the 1st person in each row, who, then, lit the candle of the next person, etc. The lights were down and all you could see were candles glowing while we handed out our carnations.

I got a warm, soothing feeling when I looked out on everyone after we had passed out the carnations. It was exactly what I had envisioned . . . including all of those who had gone before who had made us what we were that day.

However, there was a funny part to it too. Before we started this, Rev Douglas asked the guests to tip their candle into the lit one, so there wouldn't be wax dripped on the carpet. I told  him after the ceremony, I was glad we didn't have a fire, but I felt safe . . the Fire Chief was there . . .LOLOL

Happy Belated Mothers Day, Leah Jane . . . I remember and miss you every day since you left us.

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  1. Your wedding day sounds brilliant, you never stop thinking about your mum and even thou mine is not here, she helped me through the past couple of years with my health.


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