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Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Sundress Hat

Now tell me,
 isn't this just the cutest hat you have ever seen?

I like the way the brim looks like leaves.
I wanted the hat to look like a ladies sun hat, with a floppy brim.
I think I achieved my goal there.
From the front, you can see how the hat will shade the face and the neck.
Bend the brim, and the hat is even more stylish.

I have a pattern written out for the hat.
Now, I need to work on the sandals.
The final pattern
will include the dress, hat and a pair of sandals.


  1. That's really nice Paula! I like the green and yellow together. It'll be a nice outfit when it's done.

  2. OMG it sure is I love it and what a pretty green...



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