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Monday, May 14, 2012

Avery's 1st Birthday Hat

Joyce is my BFF at home. When her daughter was in middle school, Joyce ran the clock and I kept book for all of Kristi's basketball games and volleyball matches. We had known each other for years, and became very close during those three years.

When Kristi went to high school, I followed her basketball and volleyball there also . . . WAY TO MANY road trips to count.

Then, she went to college on a basketball scholarship . . . 3 hour road trips just to get to the college . . . so these were LATE NIGHT road trips.
Loved each and every moment of it.

During this time, Mom died, and Joyce's extended family adopted me for Christmas . . . which continued until we moved away from home.
When Kristi got married, the husband and I drove home and went to Indy with Joyce early . . helped decorate the reception hall and were  proud to sit in the row with Joyce . . . Kristi had always called me her adopted Mom. Friends of hers wondered how this worked since her dad had died when she was several months old, and her mom had raised her . . . LOLOL . . . a special bond, and joke, between her and me . . or, is it she and I?
After all of that, you should understand why Miss Avery is special to me. Her brother, Chase, got some crocheted gifts before he was born, but you know how hard it is to crochet masculine boy stuff. But, a "mop hat" for a birthday girl . . . yeah, I can design that

So, with out further delay, here is the hat I designed to celebrate Miss Avery's 1st birthday.

Do you like my "head model?
A 6" Styrofoam ball, covered in tissue paper,
 sitting in an ice cream sundae glass.

The Crab Stitch just adds a finishing touch to a hat brim.

If you like this pattern,
it is available for $2.99
in my Ravelry store.
And remember, 100% of the purchase price for the pattern goes to the Wyoming County SPCA, Wyoming County, NY,
 a No Kill Animal Shelter.


  1. Another beautiful piece, you are so very skilled........... that's one lucky little girl, send her birthday wishes.


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