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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Butterflies Are A'Flying

When I put the 2nd Butterfly Nursery Mobile together for Baby O'Donnell, I figured I had to do 4 more sets of butterflies. Now, the decision . . what colors?

This is the closeup, hanging in the dining room window. When I first looked at it I decided it needed some splashes of plain color . . no more variegation. And, I wanted the colors as bright as I could get them, without making them all the same colors.

Here are the seven I have gotten done.

When I get the set of 8 finished, I'll take a final picture and post them side by side so I can see if I did it the way I wanted.

Close-ups . . . .

I'm working on #8 now. It is a variegation of red, yellow and purple with a solid red for the contrast. There is already one of these on the mobile and I liked it so much I had to make a copy.


  1. They look bright and cheerful Paula. :)

  2. Your butterflies are great, I love the colours, Paula you are so very clever.


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