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Monday, July 23, 2012

Give Away

Tidy Mom is having a Desserts in Jars Cookbook Giveaway. Wait until you see the picture of this cookbook . . . makes me so hungry just looking at it.

I know mine would never look this good . . . but I can dream, can't I.

Oh, Cheryl has posted one of the recipes on Tidy Mom . . . Lemon-Blueberry Bread Pudding. Since I am such a bread pudding freak, this recipe caught me hook, line and sinker!

Doesn't it look SCRUM - DIDDLY - ISIOUS! ! ! ! !


  1. scrum-diddly-isious is right!! lol dang, you're making me hungry for sweets now!!

  2. How did you get the printer friendly thing on your blog?

    Those look delicious -- especially the blueberry bread pudding. YUMMY!

  3. I just bopped over here from Bev's blog to say THANKS for that link to the printer friendly site! What a cool thing that is and I had NO idea it existed. I had someone giving me a bad time for posting a free pattern that wasn't a PDF. I can't afford that software! And told her so! This is the perfect answer! Thank you!!!!!


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