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Friday, July 20, 2012

Miss Sophie's Ruffle

Sophie is the newest member of out neighborhood. If memory serves me right, she was born Monday, July 9th.

For some reason, I hadn't even thought about making something for her, until I knew she was born. Only one problem, when I heard she was born, I thought she was a he, so I  made the edging blue. By the time I found out that he was a Sophie, I was almost half way done with the first round of V-stitches. There was NO WAY I was frogging. SO, I did a second round of V-stitches, and made them closer together, so the blue would at least be a ruffle.

Then, it dawned on me that the Bernat color "Buttercup" might come close to matching the receiving blanket. Voila! It did . . . so I am finishing the edging with a round of scs in this thread.

I think it had a pretty girlie look now. What do you think?

I had this blanket and was happy
when I discovered it had been blanket stitched around the edge.
Made it so much easier to do the edging.

Isn't that ruffle adorable?
Sure looks girlie to me.
See how close the Buttercup" comes to the blanket color.

I will get the pattern written up and posted for those of you who might be interested.

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