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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basic Market Tote

This is the latest project for a swap. The title of the swap is "September . . . Back To School."

I knew, when I organize this swap, I wanted to make a Market Tote. I figured I could say it is an adult version of a back pack. Think that will work? It better because this is what I'm going with.

The pattern is from Lion Brand. I could have used any one of Lion Brand's Market Bags / Market Totes. They have several that are similar. The only thing is, I did not crochet between the dc's . . I made a normal dc. This made for a tighter bag.

Also, I made a pocket of sc's. This way she can put the things in it she doesn't want to fall out in the pocket.

I have bought the following to put into the tote, to go along with the school theme: Large composition book (she can use it for her knotting notes), 3 pocket sized composition books, colored pencils, regular pencils, pencil sharpener, green mini-stapler with green staples and a knock off of a pink pearl eraser that must be 6" long and has something like "For Big Mistakes" written on the front.

Then, today I was at AC Moore and I bought her some purple blue and green, I believe, variegated yarn. (She is a purple person. That is one reason I chose the Caron Simply Soft variegated yarn for the main part of the tote . . then a nice peach to compliment it.)

Hopefully, I will get the package mailed out before Saturday.

This shows the top of the pocket. It is 2 dc's wide.

I didn't have any  large buttons that I wanted for the pocket.
So, I used some Lion Brand Cotton Thread
and sc'd around a cabochon ring.

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