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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cora Couture Bonnet

Latest project . . . the Cora Couture Bonnet.

I am a sucker for a bonnet. I have always thought little girls look so sweet in them.

I have had this ribbon for the longest time. Bridget's family has always jokingly called her brother, Aiden, "The Prince." When I found this ribbon, I just had to buy it . . . and for $1.00 for the roll, I couldn't have done better had I tried.

I had some Vanna's Choice Baby in "Sweat Pea" that I thought looked good with the ribbon. So I made a yarn run to AC Moore, since I have their card and receive a $10 check when I spend so much so I take advantage of what they have before I go to Joanne's and Michael's.

I picked up two more Vanna's colors: White and Rose Mist. Then, as luck would have it, the colors ended up better than I could have imagined. I was hoping I didn't end with the Rose Mist. I didn't want the last round and the ribbon to be similar colors.

The original pattern shows some "vintage" looking buttons, so I knew I wanted something different. I found the ones I used as AC Moore . . . which surprised me. (Their button selection is slim to non.) I don't know how well they show up. They are a crystal looking squares with a little sparkle to them.
I like the look from the front . . . very girlie. I think you can see the buttons a little better in this picture.
Then, from the side, it almost looks like an Elf Hat.

Now, to finish the dress that goes with it, Emerald City Infant Dress. I have the bodice finished and have a couple of the skirt rounds done. I am thinking of using the same ribbon to tie it at the neck.

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