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Friday, August 31, 2012


Did I tell you we are remodeling our bathroom?

Tons of fun!

We had a re-facing, or a tub and bath surround, whichever it is called, done a couple of years ago. We have also had a new frosted window put in. So we started and have completed paying for those.

A couple of weeks ago, we got tired of messing with our old toilet. Finally convinced the husband we needed to buy a "taller" toilet. While there, I suggested a dual flush, so we also got that adaptation to add. . . . that dual flush is a fun toy . . . can't wait to see if our water bill goes down. We get one every three month, so it will be a while.

Last summer, I found the medicine cabinet I wanted and it was on sale . . can  get a cha-ching from the congregation?

While there, we found a bathroom faucet on sale and bought it too. So all we needed was a  vanity. We found that before the remodel started . . . as a matter fact, that is what got it going . . . we had everything we needed . . either at home or at Hope Depot.

The husband and Big Lou, our "handy man" tore off all the wallpaper, removed the old medicine chest and "re-adjusted" the hole in the wall for the new medicine cabinet.

Next, Lou asked if we were going to replace the floor . . might as well, he said, since everything else was new. So, I agreed . . lolol . . . and we found the tiles we wanted at a Bargain Outlet . .  $0.27 apiece.

Yesterday Lou and the husband brought in the new vanity and Lou started putting down the tiles . . . MAN ALIVE is this begining to be a nice looking bathroom. The vanity and medicine chest are white, the floor is white tile with a granite looking diamond in the middle of each tile and the walls will be faux white on white marble.

Now, I can change the room for the seasons and everything will match! The basic accents will be Americana red, white and blue. I found material at Joanne's for the shower curtain and there was a smaller piece I'm going to use for whatever curtains I make.

I'm just sitting here smiling at the thought of a new "potty" room.

Next, the kitchen!  LOLOL


  1. Can't wait for pics! This sounds great!

  2. Cha-Ching! You ARE going to show us a picture of your new bathroom when it's done, right? I need to go read up on what a double-flush toilet is. I have no idea. Congrats on your new potty room! Any "new" room is fun! I even get excited over new sheets!

  3. Where is the photo's, we love to see men at work.......


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