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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ { { { C-R-A-S-H } } } }

Yep! You read it right.  Well, not really a crash, but I couldn't connect to the Internet, so I was frustrated ! ! ! ! !

Our neighbor, the as yet to come Miss Bridget's daddy, is a computer tech at one of the call centers here in Western New York. So I humbly asked him if he could help me. His response, "No problem. Bring it over any time."

So, Saturday night, as I set here Internet-less, I made Bridget this.

He went golfing Sunday morn-afternoon. At suppertime, I saw smoke coming from the backyard, so I knew they were grilling. So I waited until about 6:30 and went to visit . . computer and owl hat in hand.
Bridget was due today. so Grandma was here ready and waiting, so she got to see the hat with momma. Both giggled at t and loved it. I told them "This is payment for your techie."  LOLOL
He worked, and worked, and worked on it. All of the tricks of the trade were fruitless, so he had to take it back to factory specs . . so the worst thing that happened was I lost all my patterns that I had written up. But, no problem . . . I n ever make the same thing twice, and most were already on Ravelry or Craftsy . . . so I can still make moolah!  LOLOL
Now, I am trying to remember the sites I visited and the names and passwords. Most I have in an "Online Organizer" I have. Some passwords have changed since I wrote them down, but I can get in and have them send me the link for a new password. So, so far, I am in good shape . . . LOADS of memory to fill in again :0}
Now, I need to get back to work on Bridget's blanket, the SIL's Prayer Shawl and I just started a Prayer Shawl for my niece . . . she is hurting so much since her momma was diagnosed. Poor kid, doesn't know what to do. So she is cooking for them every other night and that helps her.
Talked to the brother last night. He is in a better place now. I think that is true because they are no into the radiation and yesterday she started her chemo. He said, "Well, it was for better or for worse." To which I answered, "But you never expected it to be this worse." To which he replied and I could hear a smile in his voice, "No, never expected this."
The weirdest thing is that when their oldest was 10 months old, her momma discovered blood in her diaper and within a day or two she was diagnosed with "egg sac cancer" which had settled in the vagina. So she had a hysterectomy before she was a year old, and by 1 1/2, a spot was found on her vagina, so it was removed too. At this time, they had dealt with this in older girls, but never that young. So her chemo and radiation was all trial and error. She lived, and is still with us, but the radiation sure paid havoc with her hips. The Dr's told them she would be in a wheel chair by 16. Today, she is 35 and only needs the wheelchair when she has to walk more that around the house or to the car. So, we were blessed!
So the brother and SIL, have had two major cancers to deal with in their married life. They handled the first one like real troopers. . .  and their 2nd daughter, who came 5 years after the one with cancer, keeps telling them that.
I will keep you informed on what happens here. I know how we all get attached to the people whose blogs we read and want to keep up on them and their families. 


  1. The owl hat is adorable! Glad you got your computer back online!!

    Owl stencils?? Just what I need -- more birds.:) Bet it was cute.

  2. Adorable hat! Oh my gosh!

    Damn computers. Been there -- done that. Too many times.


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