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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

I have always liked a nice bathroom. In the two previous houses I have owned, I redid both bathrooms before doing anything else.

Last house was a TOTAL tear down to the studs and sub floor. The bathroom ended up just as awesome as I thought it would. I was amazed at the amount of room that resulted by changing the tub and toilet around.

In the 1st house, the bath was very small . . couldn't tear our or change anything. So I went with a new vanity . . very small. It was right next to the toilet, so I had a custom made top made to fit over the vanity and a smaller section to go over the toilet. Next to the toilet was a built in, floor to ceiling, linen cabinet. So I had tongue and groove panelling put on the side facing the toilet, that matched the vanity, faced the front with the same paneling and then added doors that matched the vanity.

Oh, I forgot, the friend who did both remodels had previously worked at a place in town that made marble. So both bathtub had marble surrounds, even the windows were edged in the marble.

Such classy looking rooms. I told everyone I was going to put my rocking chair in the rooms and just rock and enjoy my finished project.

Just a tiny look in at what the walls look like without wallpaper.
Oh, I forgot . . now I need to check out Joanne's
for the material I want to use for a new shower curtain.

Well, the present bathroom has been an ongoing process.
1. took the shower doors off and replaced with a curtain . . I HATE SHOWER DOORS ! ! ! !
2. Replaced the window with a frosted window . . the neighbors can look directly into the bathroom from their stairway so we had to do something. The mil had shutters up, but that made the room too dark.
3. New tub surround and tub cover, or whatever it is called. Made that section of the bath look totally new.
4. Just put a new toilet in . . . 15" high seat (I think . . or is it 17"?) Also put a dual flush inside in it . . . so, maybe, we will save some money on water?

Now, we are tearing the wallpaper off, had to sand down the walls. Will repaint in a faux marble (I think) in white. We have paneling half way up the wall . . leaving it in place, but putting a while shelf all the way around.

New medicine cabinet, light fixture above the cabinet and then order a vanity we found. Will post pictures from beginning to end when we get finished. Hopefully, that will be by the end of Sept . . . everything but the vanity will be in place by the middle of next week.


  1. Can't wait to see the new bath! Pics, I need pics

  2. Installing a new toilet has always been one of my biggest 'gibs', I just can't stand it. Plumbing can be such a real pain in the neck. Good luck with your remodel and give it all you've got, I know you can do it!!

    -Irwin Zinkin


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