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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Have I told you that the husband and i are going to a MOG? If you have never heard of a MOG, it is a Medically Oriented Gym.

We noticed that something was going in down a few buildings from our doctor. When we showed up for our appointments last summer, we discovered that they had remodeled their office. Totally shocked us . . which, I guess is a good thing. It meant we hadn't been in for a visit for 3 months so we had been healthy.

The last room at the front of their offices had been changed into a hallway which leads to the MOG.

When I checked with my insurance, they don't cover any  type of gym membership. That is weird . . it is Blue Cross Blue Shield and that insurance from New York covers it but mine from Indiana doesn't. So, I put off joining.

6 months ago when I visited the dr, he said that they had just started a program with MOG that Blue Cross Blue Shield was sponsoring. They would pay for a year of exercising and all you had to do was guarantee that you would go at least twice a week. He told me to think about it  . . . which I did.

When I saw him again 3 months ago, he said they were planning on a new group. Did I want to participate . . .I was so thrilled. I would be responsible to BCBS for 1 year of 2 weekly sessions. Sing me up!

Then, when the husband went in, the dr asked him the same thing. So we were both on the list. We got our call about a new starting group a month ago . . . and have been going three times a week since.

Several years ago the doctor wanted me to go to a pre-diabetes class. Since the husband is the cook, he went with me. I knew then that there wouldn't be any change in what we ate because he thought we were eating okay.

Well, now, he is searching for low calorie and low sodium recipes and reading labels on EVERYTHING! I find it so funny. He say, "Do you know such an such and such and such . . . ?" I'll laugh and say, "Of course I do."

Then, I tell him we need to try light / lite whatever . . . which he always turned his nose up at before. Now, he thinks they are pretty good.

Now, maybe, I will be able to lose some much needed weight form his being concerned about his diet. And, with luck, I will be able to work off some calories to help.

Will let you know how it is going in a month or so.

Keep your fingers, eyes, toes, legs, and anything else you can keep crossed for me.

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