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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hair Documentation

Yeppers. it's time to document my hair. Now doesn't THAT just sound like the most exciting thing you have ever heard? I know, I know . . get hold of yourself before you get the vapors with your excitement.

Every time I wash my hair, I check it out to see how the grays are showing up. This time, the part fell perfect to REALLY show them.

I need to post these on Facebook so my niece can see them. She will die at what she sees.

When we were home in June, I kept my hair in a ponytail all the time. I don't think she has ever seen it this long before. As a matter of fact, I don't think it has been this long since I 1st started teaching in 1974 . . . WOW! It just dawned on me that it is almost 40 years since I started in Brownsburg Intermediate School. Best place anyone could start their teaching profession. It had a mix of 1st year teachers, most with under 10 years (and most of these had taken years off to have children and staid at home until the kids were all in school) and several who would retire during my tenure there.
We had single, married, divorced and widowed. Mostly women, but during that time there were four men also . . well, five, I forgot one. Three were there when I started and two more came in after me.
I still had long hair from college . . . I had never had it that long since I was three or four. I can still remember how "ratted" it would be and Mom would work and work to brush it without pulling on it. I still have that same hair . . . it is an ordeal to run a brush or a comb through it . . . so I do it in the morning, laboriously brushing and brushing a section at a time, then pulling it up into a pony for the day.

Now, it is so long that I can feel the hair on my neck and it bothers me, so I will either do a high pony and fold the hair under and hold it with a WIDE clip, or do a low pony and fold the hair up like a "rooster tail" and clip it in place.

As soon as I know the weather is going to remain cool, I'm headed to a beauty shop . . . or maybe our BOCES beauty classes (high school girls who want to be beauticians . . . they are in the classes for 2 years then can take their test for their license when they graduate) . . . and get it cut for the American Cancer Society. Their hair doesn't have to be as long as Locks Of Love, so I know it will be long enough.

When I get that done, I'll post a "pony" picture and then the full cut.

Oh, if you look close, you can see the bathroom isn't done yet . . . step ladder still in the middle of the room and no doors on the closet yet . . . but soon, I will post remodel pictures :0}


  1. I noticed the other day my hair needs a touch up! My hair hasn't gone gray - mine has white streaks.ack!

  2. I have horrible gray hair. And I'm only 42. :( I'm going to color it today. I think it's great that you are going to donate your hair. :)

  3. I am growing my hair out again too. So for now I hate my hair. I did just dye it a lighter red (and I still hate my hair) but the silver was getting to noticable and my kids were complainig about it.


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