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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SIL Prayer Shawl

I finished the Prayer Shawl for my sil yesterday. (You can find the pattern here.) I threw it in the washing machine with a couple bath towels and then dried it.

This shows the colors in all their glory.
I was SO PLEASED at how nice it came out of the dryer. I am not a good one to remember to remove clothes from the dryer . . . so I normally wear wrinkles "with pride." Poor husband, he has had to adjust his ways to enjoy wrinkles as much as I do.

The wind was blowing just enough that I couldn't hang it anywhere . . .
until I discovered the back of the van.
The shawl came out PERFECT! Perfectly wrinkle free and smoother than I have ever seen in a crocheted item. It has to be the yarn . . . Universal Yarns - Uptown DK - in the color Meadow. I held two strands together to get the "fall" look in the stitches.

Hum, looks like the colors match the van.
I am SO HAPPY with the way it turned out.
I am more than happy with it . . . now, to write the "right" note to go with it and ship it off to Indiana.

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