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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

International Crochet Day

It's that day in the year
when we get to PLAY ALL DAY
 with out hooks.
(I know, I know . . . when did we need a special day to give ourselves permission to play with our hooks?  LOLOL)
Wonder if we could get this day
made into a legal holiday?
would that be too much to ask?
Here is a glimpse
at what I will be
"playing with" today.
Working on some more
of the "handmade lace edging"
on a Hanky Bonnet for a preemie
who was born at 27 weeks
to a former student.
Using this TINY thread
makes it hard on the eyes.
So I can't do a lot
at one time.
I have an idea on
how to "adapt" this bonnet
to fit a small head.
Two views
of Evan's Blanket . . .
I have one more 8 Round square
to add to this round.
Then, a round of 4 Round squares
will circle this round of 8 Round squares.
a view from two Fur~Babies perspective.
Here is Matthew and Marcus,
trying to figure out
where the bird is that was just sitting on the shepherds' hook.
Miss Nosebud,
their sister,
decided she anted to see
whatever they were looking at.
My Hooks Are Calling Me . . .
Can You Hear Their "Siren's Cry?"

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