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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bath Remodel . . . Aug / Sept 2012

Below is the "pictorial Essay"
of the remodel
of our bathroom
in Western New York.
(BE WARNED, Picture H-E-A-V-Y ! ! ! )

Original Vanity, medicine cabinet and wallpaper.
Original shower doors.
Southeast wall, next to dining room.
East wall, the lathe, behind the pantry cabinets,
 shows in the hole for the medicine cabinet.
East wall, original vanity.
East wall, original vanity and new, higher, doal flush toilet.
Old vanity gone, old floor showing.
North wall, old towel bar and hanging lights.
North wall with new window, west wall with linen closet.
(Doors removed for painting.)
Almost new, tub and tub surround re-fit.
We have had it long enough that is is paid off.
South west part of wall next to dining room.
New vanity and toilet . . .
notive the "shim: under the right side of the vanity.
Old houses, aren't they a hoot!
Vanity and new medicine cabinet.
We bought the medicine cabinet a year ago,
on sale,
with the hopes of doing the bathroom soon :0}

New, hand held shower head.
Been waiting for this for 6 1/2 years.
Glad we have Lou here working on the bath.
The hubster never thought this was needed.
(He also has thin, short hair . . wo what would he know?  LOLOL)

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