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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Help Bacall
We (Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit Boxer rescue based out of Hickory, North Carolina.) are reaching out to all of our supports for prayers and donations. We rescued Becall yesterday from a shelter in NC. She was transported to one of our vets today and we knew she had some kind of infection in her eyes and she
was emaciated but that was all the information we knew. When she arrived to our vet today they saw she had blood diarrhea. They did a parvo test on her and it was POSITIVE. Becall also has a fungal infection around her eyes and on her paws. She is heartworm negative, we can't believe it! We are very thankful that she made it out of the shelter and is at one of our vets getting the treatment she needs but Parvo is very serious and dogs can go downhill very quickly. She will receive medications and IV fluids and we will get an update on her first thing in the morning. Becall needs your prayers and positive thoughts more than ever! Please please help us help this girl survive!

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