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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Today

I finally remembered to call BOCES to see about getting a haircut. BOCES is the technical schools for the county high schools. I'm rather lucky, the Cosmetology classes are held in a school about 15 minutes from home . . .right, left, right, left and left.

Again, I went right buy it because I remember it as being on the right side of the street, when, it is actually, on the left side. But, to make myself feel better, their sign does not have a readable side from the direction I was coming from. So I went past it a block, turned around in a driveway, and went back . . piece of cake.

The girl who did the hair style cut is a senior . . very quiet and precise with what she is doing.

I carry around a picture of the cut I like . . . the instructor saw it and said, "Are you sure? That's pretty short."

I assured her that I had worn my hair like that picture (which was a model, not me) for years, so yes, I wanted it that short.

I told her I wanted to donate my pony so she was the one who did the main cut.  She measured the pony from the nape of my neck and it was 10 1/2" long. I told her I needed at least 8 1/2" to donate to Pantene, so she adjusted the rubber band and started her cut. You should have seen the looks of the other students when they realized what she was doing . . . their eyes were all SO WIDE and shocked. One said, in almost shock, "Your cutting off the whole ponytail?" The instructor laughed and said, "She'd donating it and it has to be cut like this."

They all relaxed then . . . and a couple said they could never cut that much off of their hair but thought it was a good reason to cut it.

Jenn, who did the "style" cutting is a senior. Very quiet and concentrated on what she was doing. Not used to that in a beauty shop. Usually the stylist keeps a conversation going.

The instructor, again, did the cutting and shaping of the neck for the style, then Jenn cut the back to go with the neck. Then, the instructor came back to set the length for the sides, and Jenn finished it.
The instructor came back when Jenn was finished and was impressed with what she had done. She did some final shaping and then Jenn blew it dry.

While Jenn was cutting, I realized how much gray I actually have in the front. Wearing it pulled off my face for so  long, I hadn't realized how long the gray hairs had become.

I thought I would post a before and after of the back . . . that is where the cut is SO NOTICEABLE.

Oh, and here it is after the cut.

Doesn't this look like a dead, wet rat?

Can you believe how thick this pony was?


  1. That is awesome! What gorgeous hair you have. Mine used to be thick and lovely like that but since my surgery, I have lost more than half of its thickness -- and so far it hasn't come back. You are a wonderful person to do this -- love the thought.

  2. That's so brave, hope you like you new old look, all that beautiful hair gone...

  3. Whenever I have my hair cut I donate it to LOCKS OF LOVE. It is a charity that make wigs for kids with cancer. The hair has to be at least 10in. I used to live in Lowville, NY..there was a BOCES up there that I used to get my hair cut at. I love the new haircut..from the back anyway..the front probably looks just as good. Blessings

  4. Love your new cut! Hehe - to the girls at school! That is one fat ponytail!

  5. I like the new cut :) I am trying to grow mine out AGAIN! I get so far get tired of it and cut it again hehehehe.

  6. Very thick and heavy hair! Wow! Glad you did that....it is what I plan to do for my next full haircut. Did not know that Pantene was collecting...knew about the wigs for kids...they take OUR hair and sell it to make wigs for women...'cause of the grey & silver! Would rather that the women get the wigs for free, too, though.

    I aways said you are a special girl! Thanks for doing that!!!!!!!


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