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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blocking "Identical " Blocks

I saw t his tutorial somewhere . . wish I could remember where . . . and finally have had a chance to try it.  I have been working on my SNOWFLAKE square . . . will show you the final result after the person it is going to has seen it. Until then, enjoy this new way to block crochet squares that are made the same.

Step 1:
Using a THICK piece of Styrofoam
measure out the size of your finished square.
Place "shish-ka-bob" skewers in the four corners
then, using the squares as your pattern,
place skewers in between the corners.
As you can see, I went with two per side.

Step 2:
After you have dampened,
 or in my case, thoroughly soaked, your squares,
I started at the back and placed the square over the skewers,
starting at the left corner
and continuing to the right.
The square wanted to slide down.
so I guess I had my "skewers" in the right places.
I put the sides over the skewers and then the front.

Step 3:
Move the square down the skewers to the base.
Some of my skewers bent inward.
This actually made it easier to get the squares on
and then press it to the bottom.

Step 4:
On closer look, The sides are a little wavy.
will fix that when I finish.
Step 5:
Six more squares ready to go "On The Rack" to be stretched.
Step 6:
Square #2 placed on skewers and moved to the base.

Step 7:
All layers of my "Snowflake Block Cake" have been added.
Wavy edges show up even more . . . now, for the fix :0}

Step 8:
I added a center skewer to each side
and "wove" it through all the layers.
Then, because I was using yarn, not thread,
I decided to put a little space between the blocks.
Now, waiting for them to dry so I can join them into a gift.


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