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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas Crochet Has Begun

This year I have 2 nieces, 1 nephew and 2 neighbor boys I wanted to make hats for this year. I can't believe I have them all done, plus another one for Miss Sophia who is almost out of the NICU . . needs to be 100% on bottles and 100% off of her cannula,

Here are the results of my labors . . . and no smart comments about the pet hairs on the black "mouse" hats . . . they will be "de-furred" before being wrapped up.

Princess Hats with Braids

I Changed Minnie's Bow
I couldn't make the one in the pattern look right.


  1. Those are all very adorable!! You did a wonderful job on them. What dog hair??? :o) I'm still pulling Leo hair out of yarn. Not a lot but he's still present in my crocheting. I'm lost Paula. It's taking some getting used to. Yesterday I finished the gravesite, well for now anyways. I smoothed out the dirt and put more rocks and cinderblocks around the bottom of Leo and put his light up. His light is a lot brighter than Misty and Pee's so I think I will be getting two new lights for them too. I'm going to get some brick for the entire perimeter of where they are buried and then some quick cement and make a heart on top of them. I cried the whole time I was finishing up yesterday.


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