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Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Your Entertainment

Indy's friend across the street, Linus, was lucky enough to have a visit from his grandma from Rochester last weekend. Since it was close to Linus' birthday, she brought him dog cookies, decorated for the season.

When I visited Linus' new baby  brother on Monday, his momma sent two cookies home for Indy. She ate the one that looked like a donut with sprinkles on it. Now, we are working on the purple bat.

Here's Indy with the first "bat wing" on her nose. Whenever I know she wants to "gulp" a treat, I make her sit and wait to "take" it.

She is so cool when she does it, I had to video take her taking the other wing.

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  1. I love Indy. Look at that face - she is so adorable!


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