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Friday, November 30, 2012

It's That Holiday Feeling

Yes, I have that Holiday Feeling . . . from the roots of my hair down through my toes.

The husband had bought a new wreath to decorate, no idea why, I knew we had one from previous years, but, oh well . . we now have two.

I made a big, red "gingham-ish" bow and placed it on the side, I don't like the ones placed perfectly on the top or the bottom . . way to formal for me. . . for the new wreath.

About then, the husband discovered the older wreath. What to do, what to do?

Me, I knew what to do . . . hang one on the bottom left of the steps and the other on the right . . . just make sure to hang them with the bows on the outside of the steps.

Then, A C Moore had a sale on garlands, I believe $2.99 for 12 feet. We went in and bought two to wrap the hand rails from the bows to the porch.

Viola! Pretty entryway.

I forgot to take pictures of the other greenery we have in front. We have corner poles on the porch that match the ones at the top right of the picture. We had a green swag with red poinsettias, cardinals and red balls on it. I hung it on that post so it is about in the middle between the railing and the roof line . . . I honestly think it makes me happier than the treatment on the steps.

Then, the husband found a string of blue lights. he was thinking about wrapping them around the hand rails. I said I would prefer them on the butterfly bush, that I didn't trim  back. At night they look nice. They would look nicer if our neighbor turned off her front porch light . . . like someone is going to visit and not be able to find her house, which sits on a corner under a street light?

One of the nicer things we have in the house is a nightlight the husband bought at A C Moore with the garland. Only problem, the outlet it had to go into was put in upside down :( But, of course, I have wanted it turned for 6 years so I could have my "bubble light" night light there. But no, couldn't do it for me. But, for the one he likes, it got changed withing a day or two.

Oh well, after the Christmas season, my bubble light will replace the holly light.

But, isn't it pretty . . . I must admit it is nice :)


  1. Paula ... I love the photo of your front door.... I may have to create a painting based on it!!!!

  2. Very Pretty..I don't decorate the outside. If I did it would probably stay up until it got warm enough to take them down..I don't like the cold. Your home looks very welcoming..Blessings


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