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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Feeling

Made a trip to Petco. Needed to buy Indy her Christmas softy . . . cute, big reindeer with good mouth feel. She liked her stuffies with soft coverings and stuffed so she can get a good hold of them in her mouth.

Now, tell me, isn't this just the cutest thing?

It has a squeaker in the nose, belly and, I think, there are a couple in the legs.

Next, it was time to pick up some sausages for Indy and Abby. The first time I bought these, they had been on clearance at Pet Supplies Plus.  Indy thought she was in hog heaven. Now, Abby has decided she likes them too, so the husband has to open two: one for Indy, one for Abby and the leftovers used to go to Indy. Now, Nosy has decided she likes them too. So she gets Abby's leftovers.

We have three neighborhood dogs to give treats to, and three family togs that get gifts. So we stopped at Petco's "treat bar" and filled up on 6 treats of quite a few varieties.

Then, I had to go searching. I wanted to find a rawhide chew in a candy cane shape. Finally found one right behind the treat bar. This thing has to be a good yard from top to bottom . . . can't wait to see how she handles this one.

And last, but not least, I decided she needs another toy to keep her mind busy. She had a toy, that was Sadies', where she had to roll it to get her treats. She didn't care for it. I think she is like her momma, to lazy to work for food,
But this looked interesting. She may "work for treats." Hope she does. I'll like to see how she figures it out.

There are 10 compartments where you can place treats. The dog is supposed to figure out which "leg" has the treat and then open it up. You can adjust the tension so it can be easier to open, or harder to open. Hope she likes it.

Poor Abby, Mathew, Marcus and Nosy. They don't play with toys. But, they do like to bat things around for a while. So they got some mice and some balls with bells. They will love them until they bat them under something and lose them :)

I think the BEST part of the trip was buying a 20 (or are they 25) pound bag of cat food and one of dog food for the local charity that Petco supports. And donated $20 to the Petco Foundation.  I know these animals can use food and money more than my babies need presents.

Have you bought your fur-babies their Christmas gifts yet? If not, better get out and get it done. If not, the stores will be picked clean.

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