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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa, Martians and The Gong Show

Had a STRANGE night last night. I feel like I was up all night teaching in my dream. The husband said I was talking clearly in my sleep . . . something I only do when I dream about being in a classroom again.

When I finally woke up enough to make sense of what I had dreamed, I told the husband I had dreamed about the movie credits for Santa Clause Conquers The Martians, which was on Off Beat Theater (MyTV).

He told me that wasn't a dream. I had told him about the credits before we went to sleep.

Now, I need to share what I found out with you . . . and if you are of the age where you watched evening TV in the 1970's I am sure you will remember this.

There was a show, produced and starring, Chuck Barris (who also wrote the song "Palisades Park" sung by Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon) that was a "talent," and I use the word "talent" very loosely, show.

There was a band on the show which Chuck always introduced as "Milton DeLugg and His Band With a Thug."

I always got a hoot out of that intro . . . a  band that was a dud!  LOLOL Really, they were pretty good.

Now, to make my connection. I ALWAYS like to read the credits on movies, be they new or old. On the older ones, it is always neat to see a name of someone who was obscure then, but became well known later. Thus is the case with Santa Claus Meets The Martians and it's connection to The Gong Show. The director of music, and also composer of some music, was Milton DeLugg (without his band with a thug.)

WOW! I always figured Milton DeLugg (can't just call him Milton after all these years) was a musical conductor. But I figured he was a studio musician, or director of studio musicians . . . not an actual composer and film musical director. I think I need to "Google" Milton DeLugg" and see what all I can find out about his career.

Now, for a little retro-throwback. One CAN NOT talk about The Gong Show without a tip of the hat to Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine. (If you never watched The Gong Show, this will mean nothing . . but, if you did, you are probably having flashbacks as you read.) By the way, this is one of the LONGER Gene, Gene The Dancing Machine appearances, with Milton Delugg and His Band With a Thug playing the music.

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  1. Thank You for a huge Monday smile. My Mums and I LOVED the Gong Show. It was our "Thing" much laughter and good times..


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