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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Little Punky Noodle

This is the reason I crocheted so much this year.
My little Punky Noodle
in her Christmas gear
made by Aunt Paula.

Eating her new sweater and wearing her Santa/elf hat.
Click  HERE for more info.

My little aviator.
Looks like she is ready to go on a dog sled ride.
Click HERE for more information.

Rudolph's little sister.
Her momma said she was more interested in the paper.
Can't imagine that
from a 6 month old.
Can you?

Momma and Elizabeth
in her Snowman Hat with his scarf.
Click HERE for more info.


  1. OMG - Paula! Those hats are too adorable!

  2. You need to make sure you get pictures of everything you make her. Especially if it is clothing of any sort..She will either think you are nuts, or she will love you for it..maybe both..Blessings my friend.

    1. Oh, Vikki!

      That is almost exactly what I said to my niece. That one day, Miss E will either think I loved her, or I was a nut case. Either way, she will be correct.


  3. Oh my word the hats are absolutely adorable. You both are very sweet looking.

  4. Sharon themadknitterDecember 7, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    What a doll with great new fiber goodies


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