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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's Cooking

No, not in the kitchen, sillies. What's cooking on the crochet hooks.

Most of you know I have adopted Natalie's Second Chance Shelter in Lafayette, Indiana, about 30 minutes from my hometown, as my crochet cause.

Whenever I sell a pattern, I list the date, name of the pattern, buyer, and price on an Excel spreadsheet. Then, every month or two I send them a check with the amount of money I have made from the patterns.

This year, I just sat down and made a few for their Second Hand Shop. Since I found the pattern on the Red Heart site, I fell in love with it. By now, I should have the pattern memorized. They had never seen them before and were thrilled with receiving them.

So, now my quest for this year is to make a bunch for them to sell this year. 

Right now I have four made, and one front sitting on my belly while I type, all made out of my scrap stash. It is so much fun pairing the mix-matched colors together and ending up with something cute

Then, I found the simplest pattern for a crocheted Danish Heart. I have loved them forever . . . this is the one I made for my nephew's wife to carry on her bridal bouquet.    

Her colors were pink and black, so I had her go to a craft store and pick out two DMC Colors that were as close to her colors as possible. I used the floss as a color guide for the cake we gave them for their wedding gift. Then, I made the ornie out of the colors. 

Ever since, I've wanted to find a crochet pattern I liked, and I found it.  So, now, besides Christmas Stockings, I'm going to make these for them to sell for Valentines Day. Can you just see them with Doggie Treats stuck in them . . . kind of like the May Baskets people hang on doors, only these will be Doggie Baskets :)

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