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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bucket List

A year or so ago,
the husband and I went to UB's
(University at Buffalo)
Performing Arts Center 
to see Craig Ferguson
"in concert."

It was pretty awesome.
I posted this in an earlier post.
It is still true today.

Then on to Craig Ferguson . . . who makes me laugh so much I almost pee the bed.
We actually got tickets to see Craig when he was at UB's Performing Arts Center . . . he is so much funnier in person . . no bleeping . . but, then again, he didn't bring the bunny . . LOLOL

So, Craig was #1 on my Bucket List
and I didn't even realize I 
HAD a Bucket List
until Thursday afternoon.

The husband was reading the
"Daily Bugle"
(my nickname for the local paper)
and reads out loud
"Jack Hanna to appear at the Riviera Theater."
WOW ! ! ! !
Another Bucket List item
I didn't know I had.

And, as luck would have it,
we had balcony seats
and there was a "Meet and Greet"
going on in the balcony area.

So, not only did I get to see the show,
I got to shake his hand
and tell him how much I have enjoyed
watching him with David Letterman.

He asked if I had see 
the Letterman show
on Thursday night.
(The show here was on Friday night.)
I said yes and that I was 
THRILLED to see the
Echidna he had with him.

He gave me a smile 
when I said I used to teach science
and I had taught about the Echidna
and thought it was pretty neat.

He shook my  hand,
signed the book we bought
(which will go to my niece here in NY
so she will be able to share it with her children
when they are old enough)
and autographed two photos
one for the hubster and one for me.

I'll tell you,
in person he is a very nice person . . .
very patient and down to Earth.

On stage,
he is just like he is on Letterman . . . 
in high gear all the time.
I could tell 
he is passionate about what he does . . . 
the cadence of his speech was very rapid fire,
but quite understandable.

wonder what else will show up
that is on my  unknown bucket list?

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  1. How about a trip to Utah to see me???


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